Monday, October 31

moving to Wordpress

I liked Blogspot... a lot... it was user-friendly and kinda raw...
I did NOT want to jump the WP bandwagon... but then they went and
pulled a Digg and lost all their customers :-/

WHY THE HELL did Blogger delete all the previously-posted pictures??!!
I've come to find out that this became a very common issue:
Many Blogger customers are complaining about broken links
yet Blogger (google) appears not to have noticed it!
This makes NO sense, and so rather than go back to every single
post and fix the links
..... aaahhhh forget it, goodbye Blogspot!

I'm starting anew over at the Word Press and perhaps
I'll start off the MixTapes back from #01 again.
Stayed tuned

Friday, September 16

The Cure - Disintegration (Extended edition)

Presenting my very own recollected mix of the best gothic rock album The Cure put out. The regular tracks are there of course, but intermixed are some excellent songs that will make your experience completely new. With the unbelievably gloomy atmosphere in this mix you may just be tempted triple your dose of vicodin. YIKES!

Well, if Robert Smith had at this point in his career actually committed suicide, his ghost would've come back to make this record. That's how dreary it feels :-)
  1. Plainsong
  2. Closedown
  3. Lovesong
  4. Fear of Ghosts*
  5. Last Dance 
  6. Same Deep Water 
  7. Homesick 
  8. Lullaby 
  9. Out Of Mind* 
  10. Fascination Street
  11. Disintegration
  12. Babble*
  13. Pictures of You
  14. 2 Late*
  15. Prayers for Rain
  16. Untitled
  17. Pirate Ships*

The bonuses (*) are actual b-sides from my collection so the quality may not be the best on one or two, but don't miss out on them because they really enhance the gloom of the rest of the tracks. So download it now and let it play while you drift off to sleep tonight–
but watch out for the spider-man.

Thursday, August 4

Good Night... to party

Mixtape #07

bonne nuitJust mixed, a collection of indie pop and electronic remixes to provide the soundtrack to a good night of revelry and dancing.

Some new Little Dragon to star things off– this track is as radio-ready as I've heard them and ready to POP! Then some ultra-fun Body Language remixes to tap your feet as you make your way to the club. Then there's a very catchy tune from Foster the People that seemed to come out of nowhere and is sure to get your stereo bumping. Don't miss the new Beirut track inspired by his hometown here in the southwest. Pogo brings a nostalgic, but very funky, Disney remix. And a couple of oldies but goodies from Postal Service, and Badly Drawn Boy.

/bonne|nuit\ (indie pop and remixes)

1. Mistake Machine - Dutch Dub
2. Ritual Union - Little Dragon
3. Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix) - Body Language
4. New Beat - Toro Y Moi
5. Family Waves - Dinosaur Feathers
6. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
7. Centrifuge - Pomplamoose
8. Big Dipper (abridged) - Delorean
9. Santa Fe - Beirut
10. Bloom - Pogo
11. Blink and You Miss A Revolution (Toro Y Moi rmx) - Cut Copy
12. Still Sound (Teeel Remix) - Toro Y Moi
13. Should Have Taken Acid With You (Body Language Remix) - Neon Indian
14. Such Great Heights (John Tejada Remix) - The Postal Service
15. Nantes (Gameplay's Disco Remix) - Beirut
16. Once Around The Block (Nick Faber Remix) - Badly Drawn Boy
17. Be Still - Pomplamoose

Put on some shiny shoes and get yourself to the dance floor!

Bonne NuitDodoNest presents:
a good night to party

Monday, July 11

Deathly Hallowed

voldyWith the upcoming release of the final Harry Potter movie in the series, i thought it would be a good idea to put out this neat collection of songs i was listening to around the time the final book was released (circa 2007).

A little dark and mysterious, these songs put me back into that frame of mind when i was reading about the trio's quest to vanquish He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Deathly Hallows was an engaging, and exciting culmination to the series which, in it's own right, featured a unique story even within the constructs of a long-established franchise. It derailed from its preceding books and delved into the unknown– a dark magical universe– that none of the previous stories had truly explored. Likewise, I felt these songs, at the time, were quite extraordinary upon their release.

1. Pioneer to the Falls - Interpol
2. Take a Bow - Muse
3. A Contest - Oucho Sparks
4. Myxamatosis - Radiohead
5. Dead Wrong - Frausdots
6. The Captured Mind - Helio Sequence
7. Bird on a Wire - Rogue Wave
8. Pteradactly - Terodactyl
9. Herculean - The Good The Bad and The Queen
10. Different Names for the Same Thing - Death Cab for Cutie
11. Waiting - The Cure
12. He Lied About Death - Stars
13. Viaje Astral - Jaguares
14. Day of the Baphomets - Mars Volta
15. Right in Two - Tool

A couple of sweet rarities in here including the understated orchestra-type band that is OUCHO SPARKS. Also, please listen carefully to TERODACTYL, who was a prodigious songwriter from my neck of the woods, doing an eerie song that seems to be evoking the Dark Arts--- {LOL}. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this unofficial soundtrack to the Deathly Hallows.

Deathly Hallowed musicDodoNest presents:
Deathly Hallowed
music inspired by the fall of You-Know-Who

Friday, June 3

"On Strings (Single cut)" by TTT

presents their first release:

turn your eyes from the tv display
turn around
you're blinking seconds fast becoming hours
turn around
for these long years its been the same thing on an endless loop
over and over again
for too long the talking heads have spilt their hegemony
and called it reality
now it comes back to claim your voice
to take your first-born
crawling through the walls via surround sound
it's inside you
but how to capture all the channels flipping in your head?
(when you're conditioned to this)
rather let the master resume remote control
like a puppet on strings
©2011 Pollito Records

Touch-Tone Telephone is:
Dm3o Lara = drums, drum machine
Xuck Espinoza = electric guitar, effects, sax
Avian Eddy = lyrics, bass, sound-effects

Friday, May 6

"On Strings"

More work-in-progress from the border trio*

"On Strings"

take 1
pro: great rhythm
con: weak vocals

take 2
pro: better vocals
con: off-key bass

Wednesday, May 4


New musical project from the border featuring Xuck on guitar&vox, Dm3o on drums, Avian on vox&bass.

"Always Tell"

ver 1a : bare bones
pros: beat and bassline
con: no melody

ver 1b : Xuck on vox
pros: powerful rythm, beginning of a melody
con: weak bassline

ver 2 : Avian-lyrics
pros: lyrics, song structure
cons: timid bassline, inconsistent beat

Band name as of yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 6

Time for some BARBECUES!

It's spring time in the desert!
Unfortunately, all the palm trees have died during the unprecedented frost of February as well as most of our iconic desert cacti, which have turned into brown gelatinous masses. But we're still dry as a sandpit. Climate change will not be denied!

Mankind, however, is quick to adapt to the situations, and by that i mean ignore them. Alas... what can we do while the Earth slowly roasts us?? How 'bout slowly roasting some beef patties and steaks?!

Let the good times re-commence and the barbecues begin!

I present a double album hip-hop mix that is PERFECT for a relaxing backyard cook-out with your family and friends. So let the steaks thaw and the brews chill while you play these delicious playlists.

Chillin' At the BBQ

  • 1. Anotha' (BBQ) - People Under The Stairs
  • 2. Justin Case - Giant Panda
  • 3. Ring Finger - RJD2
  • 4. Stressed Out (feat. Faith Evans) - A Tribe Called Quest
  • 5. Jettin' - Digable Planets
  • 6. Hurt Me Soul - Lupe Fiasco
  • 7. The Irony of It All - The Streets
  • 8. Cream of the Crop - People Under The Stairs
  • 9. Clean Living - RJD2
  • 10. Show Business - A Tribe Called Quest
  • 11. People Riddum (feat. Odell) - People Under The Stairs
  • 12. Kick, Push II - Lupe Fiasco
  • 13. Seasons - RJD2 (CunninLynguists ft. Masta Ace)
  • 14. Blowing Down - Digable Planets
  • 15. Acid Raindrops - People Under The Stairs

Groovin' at the BBQ

  • 1. The Wiz - People Under The Stairs
  • 2. Cinemax - Giant Panda
  • 3. 1976 - RJD2
  • 4. Jazz (We've Got) - A Tribe Called Quest
  • 5. All In (Feat. Gift Of Gab And Pigeon John) - The Grouch & Eligh
  • 6. Gamin' On Ya - People Under The Stairs
  • 7. For Corners - Digable Planets
  • 8. Luck of Lucien [aTCQ] - DJ Chicken George
  • 9. California (feat. Blvme) - People Under The Stairs
  • 10. Jam - A Tribe Called Quest
  • 11. I Gotcha - Lupe Fiasco
  • 12. If I Had A Day To Live - Funky DL
  • 13. Say G&E! - The Grouch & Eligh
  • 14. Let It Go - Giant Panda
  • 15. Don't Even Try It (feat. Funky DL) - Nujabes

Sunday, March 20

Stanton Street Collective @ EP Trolley

We had a fun little show this Sunday as part of a local event promoting the El Paso Transnational Trolley.

This recording captures three of our original songs:
1. ¿Como te Llamaras? (Eddy)
2. Red Robin (Freddy)
3. Tiene Hambre, Tiene Sed (Tony)

Thursday, February 3

❄ Warm By Winter ❄

Mixtape #06

Winter MixHow to keep your ears warm this winter: cover with large muffy earphones and pop in this special winter mix!

While not exactly independent or underground, these musicians don't get much attention outside the audiophile circles. If there was justice in the world, we'd be hearing these tunes on the radio. (RADIO?? What the heck is that??)

Well I've compiled a mix of cool, yet energetic songs from some accomplished acts, as well as a few relatively unknowns and thrown in a couple of remixes you're sure to enjoy while your windows frost over.

I tried to incorporate a winter theme here, obviously, but most of all what keeps us warm in the cold months: some hot fuzzy lubby dubb ❤ ❤ ❤ –– a lot of songs about LOVE in this mix... enjoy!

------ ❄ Warm By Winter ❄ ------

1. Zero Yeah - Yeah Yeahs
2. Celestica - Crystal Castles
3. Five Fingers - The Bird Day
4. My ❤ - The Bird and the Bee
5. Not Today - White Wishes
6. Like Flowers At Night - Panda Riot
7. You've Got The ❤ - Florence And The Machine
8. Enzymes - Freelance Whales
9. Keep The Girls Away - Teen Daze
10. Get In Line - Forever Today
11. Human Nature (Michael Jackson COVER) - Toro Y Moi
12. Falling Out - Body Language
13. Still Sound - Toro y Moi
14. Not In ❤ (feat. Robert Smith) - Crystal Castles
15. True ❤ Will Find You in the End (Daniel Johnston COVER) - Mates Of State
16. You've Got The ❤ (The Xx REMIX) - Florence And The Machine

~ Doooo it!!!

Winter Mix
AvianEddy presents:
❄Warm By Winter❄
Energetic Winter Music Mix

Ness PJ's ~avian

Thursday, January 20

Lip Service

We had a GREAT show this past weekend!

It was called MAUSFEST, in honor of our friend Maus' birthday. Maus is one of the best drummers in town and is VERY active– playing in possibly 8 different acts! Needless to say, quite a number of bands participated, including local-legend Mattox.

This event was held at a wonderful bar called Lips located in downtown El Paso. This place has great potential to be an indy-band showcase, with a large stage and even a dance floor. Stanton Street Collective was lucky to open the show and played a good number of songs including this latin-infused love song:

Tiene Hambre, Tiene Sed
written by Tony Melendez

Don't mind the chatter and Hope you enjoy it. (Thanks to Pilar for the vid)

Tuesday, January 18

GTFO, Liebermann

Ex-democrat and liberal turncoat, Joe Liebermann announced he will NOT be seeking re-election to the Senate. While it may disappoint his two or three dedicated fans, or whoever gets paid to run his "Connecticut for Lieberman" party, it is great news for everyone else.

Droopy Liebermann"Me? Droopy? I resent that."

Suspiciously soon after the Secretary of the State of Connecticut Susan Bysiewicz announced her intention to challenge him, Droopy the Dog announced he would leave the Senate of his own accord, walk away with his tail between his legs, and go lick himself.

My only question is why didn't this happen any sooner? That guy's been such a pseudo-Republican ever since Bush was appointed. As soon as Al Gore's presidency was denied, he immediately turned to the right and started licking some GOP ass– supporting the Iraq war, voting for the Patriot Act, etc. He's done nothing but pander and whine ever since. Where was a challenger to his seat 8 years ago? Hell, even last year! Connecticut is a moderately liberal state, what gives???

Oh well, better late than never. Good riddance!

Tuesday, November 16

Deastro, Our Brother from the Stars

Checkerboard patterns and hi-tops seems to be making a comeback. Dayglow sunglasses are chic, and anything from the late 80's to 90's is retro-cool. I even saw a kid with a Gameboy Brick hanging from a necklace... YES! the old one that weighed 10 pounds!!!

Well, thankfully there is something GOOD coming out of this 80's retro revival thing and that something is this:

This was a long time coming! Frankly, I dont know WHY i hadn't put up a mega compilation of one of the most unique singer/songwriters of this era until now.

-----DEASTRO Our Brother The Megazord-----

✓ Rachel's House or The Infantine Dream House [from Time The Teenage Twister]
✓ Shield Whip [from OrangeSwimmer/RedSummer]
✓ The Green Harbor [from Keepers]
✓ Biophilia [from Moondagger]
✓ Idol Builders (Instrumental)
✓ The Ghost of Daniel Johnston [from Moondagger]
✓ The Shaded Forest [Keeper's Ver.]
✓ Spritle [7" Single]
✓ Vermillion Plaza (Live) [on KEXP]
✓ Toxic Crusaders (Live) [on KEXP]
✓ Leah's Daughter the Giraffe [from Keepers]
✓ The Shaded Forest [Giftgiver's Ver.]
✓ Tree Frog [b-side to Spritle]
✓ Divali [from Sahara]
✓ Glockenspiel [from Time The Teenage Twister]
✓ Zilwaukee (Live) [on KEXP]
✓ Cookie Powered (Instrumental)
✓ Mowgli The Lynx [from Mind Altar]
✓ Where Boulders Melt (Instrumental)

In this mix, I have included some of Randolph Chabot Jr's work with Our Brother The Megazord along with his work as Deastro plus some rare bonuses.

You're gonna get blown away by this collection, because although the genre may sound familiar– it employs some of the electronic beeps and glitches we've been hearing lately– the sounds and textures combine and layer upon each other to take you to a hazy, dreamy place you haven't visited in decades. This rings true for his lyrical songs like "The Green Harbor," as it does in instrumentals like "The Land Where Boulders Melt," the latter being a composition that could've easily emerged from a Super Nintendo adventure game.

Deastro is taking risks in this retro approach. He could easily be shelved as too cliché in a room full of hipsters, or too nostalgic for the avant-garde, but his experiments yield charming results. There's no denying this guy has songwriting talent and it can only get better in my opinion. For now, I can only describe it as harking back to a period of 16-bit sprites, BGM by ROM, and the nostalgic ephemera only a kid of the 80's & 90's can recollect.


DodoNest presents:
Deastro, Our Brother The Megazord

Thursday, November 4

Losers and Winners of the 2010 Midterm

Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House
John Boehner, the first orange Speaker of the House

Proponents of sensible marijuana policies, and the bankrupt state of California
The dealers, the traffickers, the “Drug War” and all who profit from it

Russ Feingold (wtf!!!), Alan Grayson, and the hope for progressive change in Congress
527 groups and millionaires like Ron Johnson who can buy themselves a Senate seat

Good job, America!

Friday, October 22

"DARKSIDE" (Dark House mix)

Just in time for Halloween, it's my first multi-track mix: DARKSIDE. It features some electronic music favorites like Blonde Redhead and SVIIB, as well as some Spook House, or Dark House, whatever they're calling this emerging genre of dark-themed electronic music– namely Salem, and a great new act Andre Obin. Don't miss his creepy song "Arsonist."

Paradise City - Blondes
At a Glance - Body Language
Here Sometimes - Blonde Redhead
Alice - Pogo
King Night - Salem
This City is Killing Me - Dusty Brown
The Arsonist - André Obin
Track 6 - Mattox
Windstorm - School of Seven Bells
Deli (Acid Girls Remix) - Delorean

***Special thanks to Mattox, who are some excellent musicians from the border region. Their work is awe-inspiring and I would say reflective of the despondent mood in our sister city, Ciudad Juarez– quite apt for this mix.

Friday, October 15

WtF, Progressives?!

Stop saying the Democrats are gonna lose this coming Election Day! I'm as frustrated with the Dems as the rest of you, but why are you throwing in the towel before the match even begins? Voter enthusiasm is alarmingly low (voter poll). And to make a bad omen worse, Pres. Obama is already talking about the need to compromise with the yet-to-be-elected Republicans.

"...the American people are going to be looking to [the Republicans] to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.”
~Pres. Obama; October 13, 2010 (interview with NY Times)
WtF?!! Why do we need to be talking about compromise and deal-making with an imaginary Republican-led congress? Do we need the government shutdown some of these clowns are already promising to their voters? Are frivolous investigations into the White House what congress needs to do in the next few years? Do we need a full-on depression in our economy when the Republicans push their tax-cut-only budgets?

This election is immensely important for our near future. We are on the brink of catastrophe, so the thought of a GOP-led congress is something I have little patience for.

Dems clean up Reps shit"You mean you still haven't picked up all my shit?!"

I will admit the Dems have left much to be desired these two years. There are countless articles from progressives about the things they couldn't (or wouldn't) do. But the Dems actually got some things right:
  • they did stave off a cascading economy,
  • they did pass a semi-descent health reform bill,
  • and they did negotiate an arms reduction treaty with Russia.
That is progress.

Make NO MISTAKE about it: the Republicans, and their tea-baggin' cohorts, will return us to the tried-and-failed tactic of de-regulation and 19th-century laissez faire principles. They will pursue the privatization of Social Security and MediCare if given the slimmest chance. They will attempt to repeal what little progress they couldn't inhibit these past years.

So I ask you, progressives: what the f!@#? Don't sit this one out. This will not be an election where you pick the "lesser of two evils." Because you KNOW where the evil lies. It lies in deceit. It hides behind 527 organizations and hails the Citizens United decision as a "victory for free speech."

If ever there were dichotomies in real life (which I always argue against), there is one in this election. I will argue it is a black-&-white choice between the possibility of progress and the certainty of regression.

Don't vote for "Democrat," vote for PROGRESS.

Ness PJ's ~avian

Tuesday, October 5

Indie-Wordplay 3

Indie Word-Play 3

Hey Everybody!

Here's the third installment of a little playlist I put together for all you
Indie fans complete with a sample of the New album by the Belle and
I know what you're gonna ask: 3rd? Where are the other two...?
NOT important hahahaha! That's just not the way things work around here, is it?
Just kiddin... If you like 3 and would like "It's Indie-Wordplay 1 & 2"
Post up! and Avian will let me know and a link will be supplied.
Anyway Njoy, ladies and gents.

"Indie Wordplay Pt. 3"

120 -Germany Germany
Ending Soon -Winter Gloves
English Garden -Like Pioneers
Beeswax -NazcarNation
Bones Become Rainbows -The Wailing Wall
Bus Stop -Basement Birds
Cala Cola -The Smiles
Dreaming -Seapony
Halflight -The Meligrove Band
May I Walk With You? -Star Slinger
Megan Fox -All My Friends & Oh No! Yoko
Memories -Weezer
No Fucking Around -Rafter
Oh I Wandered -Paperfangs
Quarry Hymns -Land of Talk
San Fran -Kids Of 88
Stay Down -Wrstlrs
These Hands -The Belligerents
I'm Not Living In The Real World -Belle & Sebastian

P.S. Here are the playlists for Indie 1 and 2 if you're curious... Nothin
you haven't heard before, just a list of my favs.


Saturday, October 2

Ethnic Studies

Waves burst from caves.
Amphibious fellows open windows through space,
observing the multiplicity of movement
in coordination with superbly calculated leaps.

Peering into the western sky
UV rays slice pupils and bloodstreams.
Some live and some die.
Some remain to tell the stories.
Look down, smile, and wave to grandpa.

Do the 19th century Double Dutch with political boundaries,
basking in invented history
Birth, Live, Work, Fight, Kill, Die in YOUR own dust.
Land of Many Uses,
bow beneath the boot.

Put 80% in your pocket and save the rest for never.
Intellectual stimulation giving way to compassion,
swallowed by hunger for self illumination.
I can see you approach from the mountaintop vista of your history,
and I'm here to tell you that it's mine to distribute
in accurately measured 90 degree angular parcels.

Divvied up to Junior, and Sally, but most of all to my grave.
Your disregarded memory stands encoded on my tombstone,
to be deciphered in the presence of hidden memory.

~Circadian Petition


Wednesday, September 29

"Come on, Sister" ~ Belle and Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian is about to release a new album.... yay! It's been almost 4 years since Life Pursuit, what have you guys been doing?

Belle and Sebastian Write About Love, don't they always? :-p

OH! They've been writing about love! Well, it's about time! Cause anyone who knows about this Scottish powerhouse knows that they are consistently great songwriters. They are one amongst few bands that release incredible albums which are throughly fresh and enjoyable track-after-track.

Mark your calendar for the official release, October 11th. And while you wait... we here at the Dodo Nest are such good guys that we have posted an advance track. Check out their lovely new song, "Come On Sister". Get-it, get-it!

"Come on Sister" by B&S

This song has a playful sound that reminds me of early 80's anime– かわいい! It's just too cute!!! Anyways, download it and spread it like a bad FWD: cause it's sure to whet your appetite for the real deal.

Tuesday, September 21

We Miss You, Nujabes :'-(

"It's funny how the music put time in perspective,
add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it"
~Shing02, Luv(Sic)Pt.3

I can't believe it's only been a few months since Nujabes' passing. Personally, no other artist has left such an impression upon his/her death like him. It seems his absence left a large void in my musical heart. Perhaps because I was turned onto his music during a particularly enjoyable time in my life, his passing symbolized an end to that mirthful chapter.

As a change of pace from the usual indie stuff, I'm digging into my "urban" side (LOL) and sharing with you what made hip-hop not only enjoyable to me but maybe even therapeutic. This playlist is an homage to the music that comprises the soundtrack to your life.

-----We'll Miss You Seba Jun-----
1. Next View*
2. Sky Is Falling (feat. C.L. Smooth)
3. Luv (Sic) (feat. Shing02)
4. Ordinary Joe (feat. Terry Callier)
5. Latitude (Remix) (feat. Five Deez)
6. Blessin' It (feat. Pase Rock & Substantial)
7. Feather (Feat. Cise Starr & Akin)
8. Luv (Sic) Part 2 (feat. Shing02)
9. Modal Soul*
10. Aurorian Dance*
11. Don't Even Try It (feat. Funky DL)
12. Old Light (93 Million Miles Away) (feat. Pase Rock)
13. Luv (Sic) Part 3 (feat. Shing 02)
14. Highs To Lows Remix Feat Cise Starr (Street)
15. Home Sweet Home (feat. Substantial)
16. Thank You (feat. Apani B)
17. F.I.L.O. (First In Last Out) (feat. Shing 02)
18. Think Different (feat. Substantial)
19. Summer Gipsy*
20. 四季ノ唄 Shiki no Ūta (Song of the Season)

Choice cuts: the incredibly romantic Luv(Sic) Trilogy; the mind-altering Think Different with Substantial (this song changed my entire perspective about hip-hop vs rap); a couple of rarities including the intro instrumental, Next View, the Highs To Lows Remix with Cise Starr, and another Shing02 track, First In Last Out; and to bring the set to a close, the ending theme to Samurai Champloo, Shiki no Ūta... I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Some of his best hip-hop tracks line the way here. But because Nujabes was first and foremost a producer, I decided to include a few of his compositions without an MC (denoted by *). These beautiful instrumental pieces come in as interludes, of sorts. Between the emceeing and high-energy beats, I thrown in a couple of Nujabes' most hear-felt rhythms & harmonies including: Modal Soul, which features the wonderful saxophone melodies of Uyama Hiroto; the often-imitated classical guitar style of Aurorian Dance; and the coffee house sounds of Summer Gypsy, whose delightfully-deceptive dance club intro and outro always makes me smile.

All you hip-hop fanatics, ENJOY!Jun Seba, we will miss you dearly.

DodoNest presents:
We'll Miss You 瀬葉淳
Selections from the late and great Nujabes

Thursday, September 16

Wednesday, September 15

Monday, September 13

Just Wanted to Say Thank You for Putting my Song on Your Blog.

I alway enjoyed checking out your blog for my indie fix, and I was uber psyched when I saw my song made your playlist. Thanks for the support, and keep listening.
Jake A.K.A The Darchives.

Friday, September 10

I ❤ 8-bit

Mixtape #05

I Love 8-bit by avianI proclaim myself to be a video-game Luddite! I cant play first-person games and I get headaches in a "3-D" environment :-(So I'm enamored with the 8-bit era and am discovering the influence it has on the music scene. More and more I am hearing MIDI-type sounds and gamey sound effects on my favorite jams. That is why my new mixtape is dedicated to this musical pixelation. I Love 8-bit!
The must-hear tunes are: the new Helio Sequence song, which I hope is a preview of their new album; a new and refreshing song from The Shins, and a great hip hop track by Mega Ran dedicated to the only female robot boss in the Mega Man series :-D

------I ❤ 8-bit------

1. Loro - Pinback
2. Monogamy Is a Type Of Wood- The Darchives
3. Wet Hair (Japandroids) - Teen Daze
4. Cable TV - Fol Chen
5. It's the Chemicals feat. Scarub (Dodo mix) - Inspired Flight
6. Turn It Off - Phantogram
7. When I'm Yours - Film School
8. Goodbye Girl - The Shins
9. Splash Woman - Random a.k.a. Mega Ran
10. Mingus And Pike - The Ruby Suns
11. Heavy Heaven (demo) - Egyptian Hip Hop
12. Stay Close - Delorean
13. Converter - The Helio Sequence
14. Feel It All Around - Washed Out
15. Laura - Mates Of State
16. We Don't Want Your Body - Stars
17. The Early Sheets - The Lost Levels
18. Is This My New Career? - Oucho Sparks

We begin with Pinback doing a mellow intro. Then the MIDI sound kicks in with Monogamy... by The Darchives. Cable TV is a fun track about a fling in a motel featuring some wacky SFX. Then you're treated to a confluence of rock and hip hop by the breakthrough act Inspired Flight. Phantogram picks up the energy and runs with it. Then we get a litle mellow with some old indy faves like Film School, Mates of State and the mighty Shins who turn out some wonderful new stuff. Delorean makes yet another appearance (cant get enough of these Barcas)... who open up nicely to the awesome new song Converter by my all-time favorite band.
But the fun doesn't end there! Washed Out keeps true to their name with their lo-fi soundwaves. You gotta hear a great demo from Egyptian Hip Hop- these dudes sound promising. To top off the list we have an apt noisy-pop track from Stars off their recently-released album, a cool 8-bit sound from Lost Levels (if that isn't the most videogamish of names...) and, to leave the set strongly, the most bad-ass of avant-garde mushroom jazz musicians (I have a hard time classifying these monsters), Oucho Sparks!
~ Doooo it!!!

I Love 8-bit by avian

AvianEddy presents:
I ❤ 8-bit Pixelated Music Playlist

Ness PJ's ~avian

Sunday, September 5

The Ballad of Reyna and Akio

I am currently in the process of composing this theme for Dream Eternal. It is called "The Ballad of Reyna and Akio" as I am aiming to convey the journey and dramatic progression of the main characters.
Here it is in its current, working form:

"The Ballad of Reyna and Akio" by AvianEddy

I actually got a chance to play this live at the Semillas de la Paz event as the background music for a short movie they screened depicting our sister city of Juarez. Freddy was accompanying with a steady waltz rhythm on the bongos– that will probably be the next implementation.

Monday, August 30

"¿Como Te Llamaras?" @ The San Carlos

Performance by
The Stanton Street Collective
as part of the Semillas de la Paz
Sat. Aug. 28, 2010 at the
San Carlos Building downtown EP

The event was to showcase artists making a mural depicting life in the borderland as well as live performances by comedians and several local music acts including Hijos de Villa, and Rafa Pistolas playing with a new band, The Immigrant Noise.


Touch Tone Telephone (indie rock cumbia reggae electro funk) from the El Paso / Cd Juarez border area

independent organizations

Chubby Pencil