Sunday, January 17

Circadian Backflip (Take Two)

Rounded angles.
Beachfront property.
Telepenetration on call.
Finding the Jack of Clubs at the bottom of my glass.
Finding my glass at the bottom of the ocean,
completely frozen.
Shatter it instantly and make a million.
Drop trou and last/clash forever.

No such thing as trying enough.
Green oodled mass swimming in my thought pool.
Grab and twist.
Groove and shout.
Put it on the backburner so the frontburner can fly.
Butterfly stroke to the nearest pit-stop.
Top off the fluids and dive for brain candy.
Do the Mash Patatah all over yourself.
Drive it inward toward the warrior core.
Not the hardest goddamn thing around, but it'll do,

Downward movement,
in the shape of a uniformly 4-dimensional anchor.
Fast descent coupled with smooth convection.
Soft warm orange curling simultaneously in two directions.
No Questions,
only MOVEment.
Only moveMENT.
It's now the moment.
Just as it always has been.
Now I see it.



Touch Tone Telephone (indie rock cumbia reggae electro funk) from the El Paso / Cd Juarez border area

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