Thursday, June 19

Evolote "Desert Dub"

Evolote was a small musical project headed by Jeff Sisneros, Demitrio Lara, and Eddy Soto. From El Paso TX, this band was active for a couple of years starting in late 2005. They would invite friends to participate and recorded various jam sessions on "The Robot".
Desert Dub was how a friend of the band described their sound... this stuck, and became the unofficial title for this compilation: a set of 20 songs and outtakes.

Enjoy : )
------Ǝvolote - Desert Dub------
1. Deep Dive / Ǝvolote
2. Non Verbal Solution (feat. AndySpank)
3. Slow-motion Creeper
4. Iron Locust
5. Money-Bread Part 1
6. Diggin' It In Your Slow Soul (early ver)
7. Don't Be a Fuddy Duddy
8. Rastaman Showdown
9. Dia de los Muertos
10. Money-Bread Part 2 (feat. Jeffflow)
11. The Flux Duwopitor
12. Super Socks
13. Diggin' It (feat. Sistrine Liz)
14. Non Verbal Cues (early ver)
15. Incantation
16. Being a Fuddy Duddy
17. Recantation
18. Bye Bye, Baby
19. Triple Bypass
20. The Toad on the Throne

Download here: ---> Ǝvolote Desert Dub 
(size: 77.7 MB)


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