Saturday, January 30

Photon Vampires

It takes a hydrogen nucleus in the sun 5 billion years
to begin the process of nuclear fusion.
The photon produced by fusion at the core of the sun takes
20,000 years to travel to the surface of the sun.
Photons are light energy.
It takes a photon 8 seconds to travel from the
surface of the sun to earth.

A blade of grass receives a photon from the sun
at the speed of light.
A blade of grass stores the light energy and uses
it to grow through photosynthesis.

It takes a cow 2 days to bite, chew, and digest that blade of grass and, in turn, capture that energy from the sun for the use of generating new cells to grow or to move its muscles and waddle from here to there.
It is the breakfast of champions.

It takes a human 9-13 hours to order, cut, bite, chew,
swallow, and digest the muscles of a cow.
Humans use that energy to grow taller and fly kites
but also to think, create, and destroy.

How do we use the energy transferred from the sun,
to the blade of grass, to the cow, to our bodies?
To ride a bicycle around the block?
To paint a picture?
To whistle a tune?
To pull the trigger of a machine gun
and blow the brains out of an innocent bystander?
To kidnap a 7 year old girl and sell her as a sex slave?

There is no escaping it:
Humans are energy vampires.
What kind of vampire would you like to be?
Would you like to be the sort of vampire that leaves
death and destruction in your path?
Would you like to be the sort of vampire that selects
their source of energy with class and style?
A vampire who uses that energy to leave
beauty and caring in your path?

No matter how much we lie to ourselves, the fact remains
that looking out only for ourselves caused incredible
suffering to blades of grass, cows,and other vampires.

Suffering leads to anger and more destruction.
Would you prefer that the way you transfer energy within you
returns to you in the form of a concerto or an underwear bomb?
A welcome or a death threat?

A blade of grass cannot choose how to use solar fusion.
A cow might know pleasure and fear but has no greater choice.
A human being can choose to create
horror and sorrow or love and beauty.
It is your choice.

Andonuts~Jeffro Circadian


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