Sunday, January 24

Space Ovators

The circumference of the moon
mimics the eye that studies it.
Gravity is friend, never foe
to those with purposeful resignation.
Moving at the speed of crystallization
must be just capital.
It's a ballet of sorts,
in which skillfulness rewards one with molecular applause.
Or perhaps more of an atomic symphony, with all horns equipped with exquisitely crafted fine china plungers.
So controllably mind blowing
to perceive the twinkle in your very fibers,
with fingertips touching all six directions
in due time.
Somewhat of a slow-motion Superfly Jimmy Snuka, if you will.
Colliding with dark matter,
unconsciously creating 1 universe
at 3 beats per measure.
And I think to myself…
what a wonderful world.

Andonuts~Jeffro Circadian


Touch Tone Telephone (indie rock cumbia reggae electro funk) from the El Paso / Cd Juarez border area

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