Tuesday, January 26

what's on my mind?

this nation is on my mind.
its been years since I've last foretold,
vomit disgust in our world be known.
our nation strong and mighty yet convinces otherwise.
what truth be known that we feed our obese mother demise.
our mother the nation.
we look high and mighty with our contradictions.
we spend our dollars on pop and oil.

but beyond this lies music, lies art.
forcing itself upon us...
sweet melodies echo 'round white waves of wisdom.
loud melodies fill my mind as ruptured vessels encourage more.

what lies beyond my door is chaos,
our neighbor "over yonder" turns a blind eye.
what rules the world isn't humble or honest.
its evil, its the metaphor for Satan
that's taken our bliss – our possibilities.



Touch Tone Telephone (indie rock cumbia reggae electro funk) from the El Paso / Cd Juarez border area

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