Monday, February 8

February Freebie = The Helio Sequence

To celebrate the month of love and friendship, DodoNest has a nice little present for all y'all. Now, normally I try not to post other musicians' music on here because I feel it is not my job to promote artists that get plenty of attention on the web. But this isn't an official album. It is a very special collection of songs from my favorite band.

me with Brandon from The Helio Sequence
Me with Brandon Summers of The Helio Sequence ... wow!

The Helio Sequence holds a very special place in my musical heart. It consists of just two guys: Brandon Summers (singer/guitarist) and Benjamin Weikel (drummer), who make a medley of dreamy melodies combined with aggressive beats. It's pure gold.

That is why DodoNest is sharing this special compilation: an eclectic mix of some of my favorite songs spanning their 4 LP releases, plus a couple of rare bonuses. ***enjoy***

The Helio Sequence: A Very Dodo Mix

Do let me know how you like it :)

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