Thursday, March 4

Achy Obejas was here

Achy Obejas, Cuban-American writer, translator, and journalist just recently visited El Paso and UTEP for Women's History Month.

As a journalist, she has received awards for several of her freelance stories written in the Chicago Tribune. In addition, she has earned the Lambda Literary Award for her novels Memory Mambo (1997) and Days of Awe (2002).

After meeting her in person this past Tuesday, I have to say that she has a wonderful and refreshing personality.  If you have the opportunity, check out some of her novels. 


On Tuesday, she signed several copies of her books for me; during which we had a small conversation.  I noticed that in my copy of days of Awe she wrote: "Send me a Poem" with her e-mail. I found it very flattering; yet as soon as she had written this, I felt as though every thing I had ever written in my life was suddenly crap.  Of course, I'll follow up though, I just wanted to share.

~ Richie M.


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