Tuesday, March 23

F Key for Bossa

Stanton Street CollectiveRich, Freddy, Eddy, and Tony at Medallions

Stanton Street is working on a little Bossa Nova song currently called F Key for Sax since we hope to implement a melodic sax in there and some sax-y lyrics :-D. Here's a little impromptu with Eddy and Freddy [two guitars, two vocals]:

"F Key for Sax" freeFreddy & AvianEddy

when i think too much i think of you
when i try to open my mind
its just no use its just no use
theres no use you got a hold of me
you really got a thing on me

without a count i cant even speak
i cant even act i cant even sleep
all these cats lying around
singin a beauitful song for you
and hold that thought real high
i aint got nothing to give you
but a smile on a rainy day

well it's raining now
wont you pick the phone
i've been calling for hours
tell me what did i do wrong
(we should put a friggin bad-ass hook here)
come back come back come here come herre

its not black and white
i know that things got crazy
i know that these things got muddled too
i'm muddled, too

hey, so many things i'd like
only one thing just give me the words
let them pour from me
lárgate, lárgate

i cant seem to find the words
cant seem to find the way
only that this letter says that,
you know what? i dont think of you
... that often

HappyHappyist ~freeFreddy


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