Wednesday, April 7

"Dead Bastards" / massacre in Baghdad

Some really FUCKED UP shit goes down in war. Fortunately, most of us will never know first hand but what little we get to see on TV. That, however, must be NOTHING to what our troops face on a daily basis on hostile, foreign soil. So it was even more alarming when we saw the declassified footage of a shooting that took place in Baghdad on July 2007. Among the several innocent Iraqi civilians, two reporters from Reuters were killed.

It was released by (Go here to read about it and watch the disturbing video.) Well, I took some of the audio and combined it with an eerie, roughed-up soundtrack to make this track I dubbed Dead Bastards.

I'll make no political commentary and withhold judgement because I know next-to-nothing of the circumstance depicted in the video. I took the artistic liberty of eliminating the silences in the audio but other than that, and an echo at the end of the track, what you hear through the intercoms is authentic.

"Dead Bastards" massacre in Baghdad

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