Monday, April 5

"Forgotten Dreams" latest phase

Back in my Evolote days, I started this composition with my friends Jeffro and AndySpank. I remember telling Andy to play this weird little chord on the rhythm guitar while Jeff picked up a tremendous, rolling beat that broke through like tidal waves. That sounded AWESOME to me. And so finally, I went back in and included my part (bass) with a few more chords and a change-up. For frosting, I even threw in a couple of sound effects paying homage to the bygone era of arcade machines. The result sounds more electronic than I thought, but I actually liked it... hope you do, too.

Evolote circa 2007 (Eddy, Jessy, Jeff, Demitrio)

"Forgotten Dreams" AvianEddy with Evolote

P.s: Now I'm thinking about lyrics but :-/ I'm undecided.
P.p.s: Fans of Earthbound will recognize the sound effects from the arcade in Onett.

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