Friday, April 30

Human Recording, A

Thurs. April 29
@ The Tequila Garage

After the numerous (and lengthy) acoustic sets, our old boy Rafa, a.k.a Pistolas, took the stage and introduced us to his new sound. Very palatable. These new songs sound promising. As does his new ensemble. Jericho is a monster on the low end– those arpeggios he was busting out were as melodic as you can get from a bass. But we remember his mad, fret-dancing skills from the waning days of Mexicans at Night. What we hadn't been exposed to was Maus. Here's a guy, sporting the coolest blue-toned sunglasses you can get away with after dark, who kept the pulse of the music kicking with an impeccable beat. These guys are going places.

A Human Recording is currently the name of the act, and a fine name it is, in my humble opinion. It has a modest tone to it, and certainly memorable, although Rafa seems shy about it for now. You'll learn to love it, dude...

Eddy and Rafa Pistolas" second-guess yourself too much anyways, brotha'"

In between the new Human Recording songs, Rafa took out a couple of Mexas@Night favorites like "Interludes" and a re-worked, fresher-sounding "Soldier". Jericho performed a little of "Billie Jean," until Rafa changed his mind on that tired cover... no biggie, J can hang. The set came to an amazing close thanks to some friends of the band who went up and performed some impromptu hip-hop. Maus stepped off to allow Tech on the set. Jericho and Rafa played the music from "Smokestacks" (sans the whistle) while Moses and Donnelle traded rhymes and got the crowd jumping– a Smokestacks Remix, I would call it.

That energy they signed off with lasted us all the way to the parking lot across the street, where we all gathered in a huddle to Praise the Lord and talk about their new sounds. Look forward to some actual recordings from these humans.

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