Sunday, May 16

The Nude Mexican

New Mexico
The home of Navajo code talkers
A safe haven for border hoppers
Who swim through Rio Grande waters
Upon their arrival they wander naked through the night
As they struggle for survival

Hope is vital as the night gets later
A look of pure hate is shot to Mr. Santuario Sanchez Suevocuator
By an angry white discriminator
Santuario Sanchez Suevocuator is naked roaming the night
Much like terminator when he was transported to the past in a time that was safer
Except Santuario Sanchez Suevocuator is trying to get away from his past
To form a future that’s greater
Through the night he sees a sign advertising the BACONATOR
And then another that deeply appealed to him
A bright yellow M

In his mind it represented Mexican
The light had lured him in
Naked as he walked
Drivers & passengers screamed & honked
but he diligently followed the seductive productive McDonald’s
His feet had attained blisters
With each step he was reminded of the struggle bestowed upon his ancestors
His brothers & sisters

He’s at the door now…He enters…
Loud screams from the customers
Piercing screams from pedestrians… “Look at the naked Mexican!!”
A feeling of fear and scorn infests him
People screaming and children crying next to him
It’s as if he has committed the deadliest sin, and it’s only because of his skin

Hated, alienated, and naked
His culture remains sacred, his passion remains fiery
Just as he is about to leave, a worker in the back says “Hey man, we’re hiring!”
He walks up to him, and hands him an application
Joy fills his soul
Oh, what a glorious nation!!

The worker gives him a hamburger to cover up his genitals
The warmth reminds him of the gleaming sun rays of Mexico
Santuario Sanchez Suevocator feels so blessed to know
that the people of New Mexico have come to respect his soul

He is handed the pen
He believes this job is destined because the M stands for Mexican
But then it comes to the question
Are you an American citizen?
When he had checked the “No” box, McDonald’s
Workers marched towards him like robots
They grabbed his application, denied his occupation,
grabbed a gun then started chasin’

As he ran out the door he dropped his burger
It was as if he had committed murder
But his journey proceeded further
Gun shots at his bare feet as he ran naked down the street
New Mexico.
A place of naked immigrants
Some become peasants & some gain the wealth of a prince
Some wander naked, and some are able to make it
New Mexico…New Mexico…New Mexico

Jacob Sandoval
Albuquerque, NM

posted by
Andonuts ~Jeffro


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