Wednesday, July 28

I LOVE Alex Wagner

Move aside Ana Kasparian, I have discovered a new babe to counter all those airhead, conservative "news"-models. Her name is Alex Wagner. She's a White House Correspondent from Politics Daily and, hot jiminy, is she cuuuuute!

**tickle, tickle, tickle**

Now, there's a liberal cutey-pie I can get in a fight over. Specially after a few pints of Hoegaarden and the barfly's who's been there since noon won't change the channel from @#%* Fox News. "OKAY, so you're STILL angry we have a black president? GET OVER IT– It's been over a year!." But I guess if you're gonna be misinformed, and made a fool of, it may as well be by a pair of legs in a blonde wig.

Foxy News: Non-blondes need not apply

Not much else I know about my new favorite liberal cutey yet... but believe you me, I will be stalking. So Ms. Kasparian, you can withdraw your restraining order now.


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