Wednesday, September 29

"Come on, Sister" ~ Belle and Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian is about to release a new album.... yay! It's been almost 4 years since Life Pursuit, what have you guys been doing?

Belle and Sebastian Write About Love, don't they always? :-p

OH! They've been writing about love! Well, it's about time! Cause anyone who knows about this Scottish powerhouse knows that they are consistently great songwriters. They are one amongst few bands that release incredible albums which are throughly fresh and enjoyable track-after-track.

Mark your calendar for the official release, October 11th. And while you wait... we here at the Dodo Nest are such good guys that we have posted an advance track. Check out their lovely new song, "Come On Sister". Get-it, get-it!

"Come on Sister" by B&S

This song has a playful sound that reminds me of early 80's anime– かわいい! It's just too cute!!! Anyways, download it and spread it like a bad FWD: cause it's sure to whet your appetite for the real deal.


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