Tuesday, October 5

Indie-Wordplay 3

Indie Word-Play 3

Hey Everybody!

Here's the third installment of a little playlist I put together for all you
Indie fans complete with a sample of the New album by the Belle and
I know what you're gonna ask: 3rd? Where are the other two...?
NOT important hahahaha! That's just not the way things work around here, is it?
Just kiddin... If you like 3 and would like "It's Indie-Wordplay 1 & 2"
Post up! and Avian will let me know and a link will be supplied.
Anyway Njoy, ladies and gents.

"Indie Wordplay Pt. 3"

120 -Germany Germany
Ending Soon -Winter Gloves
English Garden -Like Pioneers
Beeswax -NazcarNation
Bones Become Rainbows -The Wailing Wall
Bus Stop -Basement Birds
Cala Cola -The Smiles
Dreaming -Seapony
Halflight -The Meligrove Band
May I Walk With You? -Star Slinger
Megan Fox -All My Friends & Oh No! Yoko
Memories -Weezer
No Fucking Around -Rafter
Oh I Wandered -Paperfangs
Quarry Hymns -Land of Talk
San Fran -Kids Of 88
Stay Down -Wrstlrs
These Hands -The Belligerents
I'm Not Living In The Real World -Belle & Sebastian

P.S. Here are the playlists for Indie 1 and 2 if you're curious... Nothin
you haven't heard before, just a list of my favs.



Touch Tone Telephone (indie rock cumbia reggae electro funk) from the El Paso / Cd Juarez border area

independent organizations

Chubby Pencil