Friday, October 15

WtF, Progressives?!

Stop saying the Democrats are gonna lose this coming Election Day! I'm as frustrated with the Dems as the rest of you, but why are you throwing in the towel before the match even begins? Voter enthusiasm is alarmingly low (voter poll). And to make a bad omen worse, Pres. Obama is already talking about the need to compromise with the yet-to-be-elected Republicans.

"...the American people are going to be looking to [the Republicans] to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.”
~Pres. Obama; October 13, 2010 (interview with NY Times)
WtF?!! Why do we need to be talking about compromise and deal-making with an imaginary Republican-led congress? Do we need the government shutdown some of these clowns are already promising to their voters? Are frivolous investigations into the White House what congress needs to do in the next few years? Do we need a full-on depression in our economy when the Republicans push their tax-cut-only budgets?

This election is immensely important for our near future. We are on the brink of catastrophe, so the thought of a GOP-led congress is something I have little patience for.

Dems clean up Reps shit"You mean you still haven't picked up all my shit?!"

I will admit the Dems have left much to be desired these two years. There are countless articles from progressives about the things they couldn't (or wouldn't) do. But the Dems actually got some things right:
  • they did stave off a cascading economy,
  • they did pass a semi-descent health reform bill,
  • and they did negotiate an arms reduction treaty with Russia.
That is progress.

Make NO MISTAKE about it: the Republicans, and their tea-baggin' cohorts, will return us to the tried-and-failed tactic of de-regulation and 19th-century laissez faire principles. They will pursue the privatization of Social Security and MediCare if given the slimmest chance. They will attempt to repeal what little progress they couldn't inhibit these past years.

So I ask you, progressives: what the f!@#? Don't sit this one out. This will not be an election where you pick the "lesser of two evils." Because you KNOW where the evil lies. It lies in deceit. It hides behind 527 organizations and hails the Citizens United decision as a "victory for free speech."

If ever there were dichotomies in real life (which I always argue against), there is one in this election. I will argue it is a black-&-white choice between the possibility of progress and the certainty of regression.

Don't vote for "Democrat," vote for PROGRESS.

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