Tuesday, November 16

Deastro, Our Brother from the Stars

Checkerboard patterns and hi-tops seems to be making a comeback. Dayglow sunglasses are chic, and anything from the late 80's to 90's is retro-cool. I even saw a kid with a Gameboy Brick hanging from a necklace... YES! the old one that weighed 10 pounds!!!

Well, thankfully there is something GOOD coming out of this 80's retro revival thing and that something is this:

This was a long time coming! Frankly, I dont know WHY i hadn't put up a mega compilation of one of the most unique singer/songwriters of this era until now.

-----DEASTRO Our Brother The Megazord-----

✓ Rachel's House or The Infantine Dream House [from Time The Teenage Twister]
✓ Shield Whip [from OrangeSwimmer/RedSummer]
✓ The Green Harbor [from Keepers]
✓ Biophilia [from Moondagger]
✓ Idol Builders (Instrumental)
✓ The Ghost of Daniel Johnston [from Moondagger]
✓ The Shaded Forest [Keeper's Ver.]
✓ Spritle [7" Single]
✓ Vermillion Plaza (Live) [on KEXP]
✓ Toxic Crusaders (Live) [on KEXP]
✓ Leah's Daughter the Giraffe [from Keepers]
✓ The Shaded Forest [Giftgiver's Ver.]
✓ Tree Frog [b-side to Spritle]
✓ Divali [from Sahara]
✓ Glockenspiel [from Time The Teenage Twister]
✓ Zilwaukee (Live) [on KEXP]
✓ Cookie Powered (Instrumental)
✓ Mowgli The Lynx [from Mind Altar]
✓ Where Boulders Melt (Instrumental)

In this mix, I have included some of Randolph Chabot Jr's work with Our Brother The Megazord along with his work as Deastro plus some rare bonuses.

You're gonna get blown away by this collection, because although the genre may sound familiar– it employs some of the electronic beeps and glitches we've been hearing lately– the sounds and textures combine and layer upon each other to take you to a hazy, dreamy place you haven't visited in decades. This rings true for his lyrical songs like "The Green Harbor," as it does in instrumentals like "The Land Where Boulders Melt," the latter being a composition that could've easily emerged from a Super Nintendo adventure game.

Deastro is taking risks in this retro approach. He could easily be shelved as too cliché in a room full of hipsters, or too nostalgic for the avant-garde, but his experiments yield charming results. There's no denying this guy has songwriting talent and it can only get better in my opinion. For now, I can only describe it as harking back to a period of 16-bit sprites, BGM by ROM, and the nostalgic ephemera only a kid of the 80's & 90's can recollect.


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Deastro, Our Brother The Megazord


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