Tuesday, January 18

GTFO, Liebermann

Ex-democrat and liberal turncoat, Joe Liebermann announced he will NOT be seeking re-election to the Senate. While it may disappoint his two or three dedicated fans, or whoever gets paid to run his "Connecticut for Lieberman" party, it is great news for everyone else.

Droopy Liebermann"Me? Droopy? I resent that."

Suspiciously soon after the Secretary of the State of Connecticut Susan Bysiewicz announced her intention to challenge him, Droopy the Dog announced he would leave the Senate of his own accord, walk away with his tail between his legs, and go lick himself.

My only question is why didn't this happen any sooner? That guy's been such a pseudo-Republican ever since Bush was appointed. As soon as Al Gore's presidency was denied, he immediately turned to the right and started licking some GOP ass– supporting the Iraq war, voting for the Patriot Act, etc. He's done nothing but pander and whine ever since. Where was a challenger to his seat 8 years ago? Hell, even last year! Connecticut is a moderately liberal state, what gives???

Oh well, better late than never. Good riddance!


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