Monday, October 31

moving to Wordpress

I liked Blogspot... a lot... it was user-friendly and kinda raw...
I did NOT want to jump the WP bandwagon... but then they went and
pulled a Digg and lost all their customers :-/

WHY THE HELL did Blogger delete all the previously-posted pictures??!!
I've come to find out that this became a very common issue:
Many Blogger customers are complaining about broken links
yet Blogger (google) appears not to have noticed it!
This makes NO sense, and so rather than go back to every single
post and fix the links
..... aaahhhh forget it, goodbye Blogspot!

I'm starting anew over at the Word Press and perhaps
I'll start off the MixTapes back from #01 again.
Stayed tuned


Touch Tone Telephone (indie rock cumbia reggae electro funk) from the El Paso / Cd Juarez border area

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